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~ Saturday, October 22 ~

Midnight in a Perfect World: A case of beautiful Pareidolia

So I went for a run last night — you know to clear the mind and get some cold night air in my lungs. When I arrived at the track, I was the only one there… It was somewhat eerie and mystical. I did my quick stretches and started my jog. On my first couple of laps, I had my music on shuffle and wasn’t paying too much attention.

But then, around my third lap, Midnight in a Perfect World (DJ Shadow) comes on. At this point, I’m still the only person on the track, it was a chilly night and the air was relentlessly rushing in my face because I was jogging against the wind. Anyway, at this point, I’d made it around the track with around 2:00 into the track and I decided to put my head down while jogging to avoid the gust.

Then I notice something interesting, at this 2:00 mark, my left and right strides correspond to the drums on the track perfectly. It’s like I was in perfect sync with the song. I was pretty tired at this point, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Not only that since I head down, I had my vision focused on the ever-continuous white track lines. No matter which direction I turned to, the line stayed the course, at the track bend the line would bend of course but it beautiful it would straighten out again. With all my life stresses, at this point this seemed symbolically significant. I smiled. 

At this point, I look up and see other people on the track kicking a rugby ball around, as if they had just materialized from nowhere. I didn’t see them come onto the field. As if the field had suddenly come alive — the eerie feeling was gone. 

I remember I had left my house around 30 minutes before midnight and at the time of my run I was probably approaching midnight — now, if you’re familiar with the track, the sample scratch towards goes "Now approaching Midnight".

It was beautiful & perfect….

I probably will try to recreate that moment, I hope it repeats itself sometime. 

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